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Skipped Files
When I think about excellence in data protection environments, I find myself talking more about process in the environment that the tools that people use. Once a company has made basic investments in staff and infrastructure, getting to the point where you can deliver services with reliability and confidence is often about simple repeatable practices.

When I speak with customers I am sometimes surprised when people have no strategy for simply questions like, "What files aren't backed up and are they important?"

In the past sometimes it seemed difficult to get a simple answer to questions like that. It's not the case anymore. In NetBackup 7, with our release of OpsCenter, you have the ability to easily report on skipped files in your environment. OpsCenter is available on the NetBackup DVDs and has a very simple integrated installation process. It also is available at no extra charge for the basic operational capabilities. An example of that would be the screen shot of a skipped files report that you see below.

skipped files.jpg

Having a plan to periodically review, what aren't we backing up is one key way to know that everything you need is available when the restore request lands on your desk.

I'll be talking more about OpsCenter and how it can aid you in creating simple processes for managing your data protection environment with confidence.