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Speeding Your Journey Down the Digital Highway

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Does this scenario look complicated? Cars coming from all different locations, but ultimately trying to land in one central place.  As more and more cars pile on to the highway, the time that it takes to get to your destination becomes longer and longer.  And how do you get there safely?

Well backing up data from remote locations can have the same effect.  As you journey down the digital highway, your data continues to grow, yet your “highway” doesn’t get any bigger.  You just keep accumulating data from disparate technology until it becomes a bottleneck that prevents you from rapidly backing up data. 

ESG surveyed 350 senior IT professionals who were responsible for supporting IT requirements in remote or branch offices responded to a series of questions on their top priorities and challenges for remote offices.  In the ESG Remote Office/Branch Office Technology Report (May 2015),  respondents revealed these top challenges:  lack of network bandwidth and application latency in remote locations, safeguarding data, managing the volume of remote offices, distance from the primary site, and the lack of onsite IT staff.

Remote offices have a specific set of requirements. There are limitations on floor space, difficulty retaining full time onsite IT staff, and challenges deploying and managing separate components.  One of the biggest issues is backing up data from remote offices to a central location because of bandwidth issues.  How do you create a practical way to manage remote office backup and recovery requirements in a speedy and secure fashion?

The new Veritas NetBackup™ Virtual Appliance for Remote Offices creates simplified data protection in a small footprint. This integrated backup appliance is deployable as a virtual appliance in existing VMware infrastructures and is configured as a NetBackup master server with a dedicated media server and pre-provisioned with 2TB of usable storage.  The combined “all-in-one” master/media server helps solve the bandwidth issues with WAN optimized capabilities to ensure that the connection stays intact.

The appliance provides built-in storage deduplication with better storage efficiencies for remote or branch offices that simplifies and secures data replication between remote locations and the primary data enter and provides cost-effective data protection without adding onsite IT staff or paying for extra space or power costs.   With the NetBackup Appliance portfolio, Veritas enables you to accelerate your own journey through the digital highway while leveraging an existing investment in a reliable foundation for the future with Veritas 360 Data Managementtm.


Learn more about how the NetBackup Virtual Appliance for Remote Offices:

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