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The Newest Member to the NetBackup Family - NetBackup 5000

NetBackup users, welcome NetBackup 5000, a deduplication appliance for you to easily drop into your existing NetBackup environment that delivers on both source and target deduplication capability. This new member of the NBU family starts at 16 TB of useable dedupe capacity and can scale up to 96 TB of useable global dedupe capacity,  in a single deployment. You can install, configure and begin backing up, in less than 20 minutes, with this appliance by Symantec that is built on a Telco grade hardware platform with disks in a RAID 6 configuration. You can put the NBU 5000 appliance in your primary data center or even have it at a remote/branch office and use the built-in replication to move data to your primary data center. And no worries if you’re still a tape shop, for longer retention needs NBU 5000 has tape out option via NetBackup. And can this appliance move things along? Yes, with a 4.3 TB/hr throughput rate and 4 NIC cards that can be bonded together for high availability, NBU 5000 has what you need to protect your environment’s data. This appliance can also help protect your virtual environment by reducing the size of the backup data across virtual machines. If you’re feeling especially geeky about this new appliance offering, feel free to skim through the Getting Started guide.
So if you already have NetBackup in your environment and want an easy way to implement deduplication, NetBackup 5000 provides a complete backup solution from a single vendor, eliminating the need to buy, test, and implement separate hardware and software.