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The upgrade experience: NetBackup 8.2

Level 2

We heard your feedback and as a result, we’ve made significant investments to support easier and faster upgrades.

“Veritas is looking to improve the entire upgrade experience for NetBackup—you will see that in NetBackup 8.2. It’s pretty cool,” says Misha Vaughan, Sr. Director of Customer Experience.

Master servers and media servers: more in VxUpdate

First, both client and media server updates can now be automated and scheduled via the VxUpdate utility, eliminating months of manual processes, reducing downtime, enabling you to update media servers in parallel, and minimizing risk to your environment.

Getting organized: pre-Install checkup

Second, we’ve expanded our pre-upgrade check tool to proactively identify compatibility gaps in your environment before you start your upgrade to ensure a smooth experience and reduce reliance on support. And if you fail a check, we provide guidance to address the issue.

We are also continuously updating the tool based on customer input, and if your servers are connected to the Veritas SORT telemetry server, new checks will be automatically added*. Most recent checks include identifying outdated security certificates and MSDP fingerprinting maps—two areas some customers have asked for enhancements with upgrading to earlier NetBackup versions.

More flexibility with native packaging

Third, we’ve added native packaging for Linux and Solaris media servers and clients so you can choose to use your own deployment tools, giving you more control over the upgrade process.

A new video series

Fourth, we created quick-hit videos to help customers wrap their heads around the upgrade process and learn about new functionality such as external security certificates in mere minutes.

This collection includes videos highlighting the configuration process to protect in-cloud workloads and the new agentless VMware restore functionality.

Getting All Your Information in One Place: Download Center

Last but not least, we redesigned our Support portal to better assist your self-service goals and created a centralized download center where you can find, review, and download assets from Veritas software releases, including installs, upgrades, patches, documentation and more, all in one place.Redesigned Support Site-2019.png


Thank You to Our Customers!

You are the reason we are successful, and we love to hear from you. We are dedicated to improving your experiences, including upgrades, and enhancements listed above come directly from your input. If you want to share more, sign up for the Customer and Partner Engagement Program (CPEP) here.

*must be on NetBackup 8.2+