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The world's largest Software Defined Data Center - in our own backyard

It's no secret that we held NetBackup 7.6 back longer than we had planned. For more information on Steve Bennett and his Symantec 4.0 initiatives (including the high focus on quality) read the news articles like this one. That extra time for testing unearthed a pretty unique story about our ability to handle really large, cutting-edge environments.

Symantec itself, a $7B global firm with ~20,000 employees, is a solid example of the "enterprise" customer environments that we target with our offerings. We use our own internal teams for beta testing and discovered that one of our internal IT groups has designed a private cloud to automate the deployment of dev/test environments. One of the key messages around NetBackup 7.6 is that large scale Software Defined Data Centers are on the horizon and our customers need to know that they can move in that direction with confidence.

When we talked with VMware about this nifty test environment, they asked a few more questions. The internal "Granite Labs" project that tested NBU 7.6 turns out to be the largest SDDC in the world. Right in our own backyard!

VMware has been working with us to tell this story.

Alex has a few comments of his own on the VM sprawl problem.

Rasheed gets as deep as you can stand on the new SDDC capabilities.

For more on the expanded scale and VMware integration in NetBackup 7.6, read the press release.