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Turn the table on Ransomware with NetBackup Flex Appliance Zero Trust Architecture

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Data protection solutions are designed to protect your data from cyber-attacks. Still, it’s now common for attacks to enter your primary environment and target your backups—where most enterprise data is stored.

In the wake of several successful and high-profile cyber-attacks against banks, technology, retail stores, and governments, organizations are looking to ensure that they are not the next victim reporting a devastating breach that resulted in data loss or corruption. Data protection solutions are designed to protect your data from cyber-attacks, but it’s now common for attacks to enter your primary environment and target your backups—where the majority of enterprise data is stored. After posting record highs throughout 2021, SonicWall recorded a high of 78.4 million ransomware attacks in June 2021 alone (over 30 attacks per second). In the same cyberthreat report, ransomware volume showed massive year-to-date spikes in the U.S. (185%) and the U.K. (144%).

Zero trust architecture is designed to use the least privileges needed to complete a particular task based on roles and permissions, combined with robust user authentication and policy-based data protection. With zero trust architecture, Veritas NetBackup Flex Appliances provides a unified, multi-layered platform approach to seamlessly integrate intelligent protection, comprehensive detection, and industry-leading backup and recovery. With a container-based architecture, Flex offers multi-domain isolation, network segregation and limited-service privileges. With WORM storage, STIG fully compliant OS hardening, FIPS140-2 compliant data encryption, and comprehensive security access controls, NetBackup Flex Appliances provide a complete immutable and indelible storage solution to defend your backup data and recover in software and hardware.

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With Veritas data protection appliances, you get native ransomware recovery for business-critical data—at any scale—with near-zero RPO and RTO. Some key benefits include:

  • Simplifying IT management with immutable storage
  • A secure by default architecture
  • Integrated highly available system configurations.

With the combination of a hardened OS, container isolation, and zero-trust security model, the NetBackup Flex appliance provides the multi-layered infrastructure, immutability, and indelibility necessary for ransomware protection.

Zero Trust Model Providing Multiple Layers of Protection From Ransomware AttackZero Trust Model Providing Multiple Layers of Protection From Ransomware AttackSecurity Technical Implementation Guide (STIG)

New exploits appear on a regular basis, and cybersecurity continues to be a focal point for government agencies. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has published a Secure Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) to ensure that exposure to unauthorized access and resulting data loss or theft is minimized.

STIG is a cybersecurity methodology for standardizing security protocols within networks, servers, computers, and logical designs to enhance overall security. NetBackup Flex Appliance is STIG compliance at OS (software and firmware) and appliance management by using STIG template to meet security requirements per DISA profile.

Data Encryption

NetBackup Flex Appliances meets FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) 140-2 standards to keep data encrypted in-transit and at rest. This certification ensures government organizations, financial and healthcare institutions that data handled by third-party organizations is stored and encrypted securely and with the proper levels of confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity. 

MargaretJonson_1-1643690108504.pngFIPS is enabled on the Flex Appliances host infrastructure instances. Ssh and sshd settings are updated to support FIPS compliant ciphers and MAC ciphers. FIPS is enabled during the Flex Appliance installation process.

Veritas provides a unified, multi-layered, hardened, and secure appliance platform that optimizes operational efficiency and seamlessly integrates comprehensive protection and malware detection into an industry-leading backup and recovery solution. As an industry leader in data protection, Veritas provides the technological depth and experience to safeguard your business-critical data across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.