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Unboxing NetBackup SaaS Protection's support to

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In the 21st century, how often do we use physical hard drives over cloud storage? According to analysts, less than half of the time. Cloud storage is now the preferred choice of customers to keep their data saved and to access it from anywhere, thus reducing the risk of data loss and increasing the ease of access.

Box is one such cloud-based content management system with collaboration, security, analytics, and other features related to files and information. You can use Box to securely store, manage, and share files.

According to a report by Okta, Box is the third-most popular enterprise cloud shared data solution for businesses aiming to meet this need and ensure that teams are productive and collaborative.



With recent advancements in technology and newly-introduced ransomware attacks, users' data is considered high risk.

NetBackup SaaS Protection (NSP) provides the customer with all key features required to keep Box data safe. Customers can create a Box connector using a few clicks with the help of the NetBackup SaaS Protection console. This connector establishes a seamless connection with the Box API to collect and restore data. While restoring, Admins have an option to choose files and folders for a specific user or user group and restore them to the original location or save it externally. NSP preserves version history, tags, or any notes present in a document throughout the backup and restore process. Data changes get merged, compressed, encrypted, and stored in the cloud region of your choice. Since NetBackup SaaS Protection is a single-tenant cloud instance it keeps your backup data segregated and isolated

NetBackup SaaS Protection's support to Box also provides important securityPicture2.png features such as end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and one dedicated, single-tenant security hardening.

Still not sure of what NetBackup SaaS Protection has to offer for Box?
Let’s dive more into it.

Picture3.pngRecovery time objective (RTO)
Retrieval of data is faster than other similar applications in the industry as NSP provides content indexing with discovery search, making it faster to find the data you want to restore. It also helps to avoid intolerable consequences associated with the disruption of data due to multiple factors.

Picture4.pngData Protection
NetBackup SaaS Protection provides Geo-location support for backup to the region of your choice for automated compliance with data sovereignty regulations. It uses immutable storage for all backup data.

Picture5.pngData Integrity
It supports data integrity so that no data loss happens during backup or restore activities. Its features are reliable enough to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of stored data over its entire life cycle.

Picture6.pngData Accessibility
With unlimited data retention and 24/7 access, NSP provides customers complete data protection for and availability of their Box data.

Picture7.pngResource consumption
Since NetBackup SaaS Protection is a cloud-based management application, it does not need on-premises resources to run utilities and services, since nearly all activity is performed through the administration console. Backup of a Box account can be started from anywhere, provided that you have the proper credentials.

Backups are essential for protection against data loss  - loss that can completely disrupt business operations. Box has a market share of 3.09% with more than 1033 companies using it. Since Box also subscribes to the "shared responsibility model" used by other SaaS providers it is the sole responsibility of customers to protect their data from theft, ransomware, or any other threat to the data. This is where NSP can help and play a vital role in preserving the data stored on the Box platform.

To learn more,  head to Veritas NetBackup SaaS Protection product page


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A really precise blog about box support by NSP. Well put together.