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Veritas Committed to Support Google Cloud Storage Coldline

Level 3

iStock_60242478_MEDIUM.jpgThere is no doubt that the use of cloud storage as a backup destination is on the rise. In fact, in their latest Magic Quadrant Gartner says that by 2018 the number of enterprises using the cloud as a backup destination will double - up from 11% at the beginning of 2016.

Today, Veritas announced that it will expand its Google Cloud Platform integration with support for Google Cloud Storage (GCS) Coldline, which was announced on Thursday. This new Google Cloud Storage class is designed for long-term archival and disaster recovery. Coldline is perfect for the archival needs of big data or multimedia content, allowing your organization to archive years of data, while still being able to access it in a timely manner.

More Cloud Storage Choice

Adding support for Coldline in Vertias NetBackup means more choice in cloud storage destinations and the appropriate storage tiers within those destinations to which your backup data can be copied.

One key advantage of NetBackup is that you can build policies to automatically move your backup data through those different tiers of storage as the data ages. This allows you to better meet the recoverability and compliance requirements of the organization, while you also ensure that during the lifecycle of your data the most cost-optimized class of storage is used - be that on-premises or in the cloud.

Disk To Disk To Cloud

Augmenting your NetBackup deployment with GCS enables you to move confidently beyond an all onsite disk-based backup strategy. You may for example consider using GCS as an alternative to offsite tape for disaster recovery.

traditional backup.png Figure 1: Traditional Backup

Dave Elliot and Randy Serafini recently hosted an excellent webinar in which they talk about the key technical, economical and operational considerations of cloud versus tape. Make sure you check it out.

Most organizations go for one of the following least invasive scenarios - I guess:

  • Disk to Cloud – no onsite backup copy (D2C)
  • Disk to Disk to Cloud – with onsite backup copy (D2D2C)

Both are valid scenarios. However, for organizations often the need to recover data locally tends to drive the decision to D2D2C. Some may use a combination of the two with D2C for the remote branch offices.

modern backup.png

 Figure 2: Modern Backup

The Reward of Optimized Data Lifecycle Policies

The decision to modernize your backup with GCS delivers you an opportunity to revisit your data lifecycle policies. Why backup data that hasn't been accessed in the last three years to primary local storage? Maybe it is better to archive it to the cloud? Or, maybe delete it because there is simply no value or legal requirment to keep it? To make these decisions, you must look at all your data in the organization. Veritas Information Map can help you with that.

Information Map gives you rich insights into your stored data. It visualizes the data, offering you up-to-date and immediate access to a consistent profile of your data environment. This knowledge enables you to choose different backup methods for the different types of data and build NetBackup policies based on criteria such as the different change rates, retention and recovery requirements. For example, you could consider using:

storage tiers.png

Table 1: Different Storage Tiers

Designing your NetBackup policies based on the value of your data and the unique requirements of the organization enalbes you to store critical backup data on primary high-performance local storage close to the production environment for immediate recovery, while less critical backup data is moved on cost-effective GCS without compromising your ability to access it in a timely manner for disaster recovery. This not only helps you to improve quality of service and drive down cost, it also contributes to your overal disaster recovery preparedness.

Veritas NetBackup integration with the Google Cloud Platform makes adopting Google Cloud Storage a seamless experience. 

Visit to learn more about Veritas Data Management Solutions and The Google Cloud Platform.