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Veritas Education launches the Veritas Learning Lab

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Veritas Education recently launched the Veritas Learning Lab—cloud-based training platform for Veritas Education customers. The Veritas Learning Lab gives customers access to a set of hands-on, real-world lab activities to inspire improved clarity and understanding of Veritas data management solutions. The lab platform is the foundation for all Veritas Education instructor-led and virtual instructor-led classes, and is available as a self-paced, standalone training program for customers who want to boost their IT knowledge without attending a formal training class.

The Veritas Learning Lab provides customers with guided, step-by-step activities on administering, configuring, and managing Veritas products. Developed by Veritas product experts, the lab activities are modularized, so customers can focus on the activities most important to them.

“This new cloud-based lab platform has been a game-changer for our Education Services business,” says Sr. Director, Global Education Services Scott Kingsley, explaining, “It has provided us with a centralized lab platform that is the foundation of the instructor-led training environment and also provided us with a way to offer our labs to customers who want to ‘skip the lectures’ and simply learn by doing.”

Figure A. The Veritas Learning Lab interface, showing the virtual lab environment in the left pane, and step-by-step lab instructions in the right pane.Figure A. The Veritas Learning Lab interface, showing the virtual lab environment in the left pane, and step-by-step lab instructions in the right pane.

Customers who attend a formal training class, or who opt for the self-paced version, receive six months of access to the lab. This means that customers can work through the lab activities on their own time, at their own pace, and revisit labs as needed when preparing for their own product implementations and upgrades. The labs are hosted on a cloud-based platform, making them accessible almost anywhere and at any time. Additionally, customers also receive a complete course student guide in PDF format that can be used as a reference alongside their lab activities.

“Many customers are finding it increasingly difficult to budget time away from their job to attend a formal five-day training class,” says Kingsley, noting, “What they really want is to get their hands on the product and be able to explore features, functions, and configurations, in a safe environment, on their own time. The Veritas Learning Lab provides customers with just that.”

Key features of the Veritas Learning Lab listed below, and find additional details in this demonstration video:

  • Quick deployment of virtual environments through the snapshot capabilities of the environment.
  • Labs can be deployed and started independent of each other; customers can work on any lab at any time.
  • Labs for large environments like Access and VRP can be easily launched.
  • Side-by-side instructions provide ease of use.
  • Lab work can be saved for up to seven days for reuse later.
  • Localization of the lab interface is currently under development.

The Veritas Learning Lab is not replacing other training methods, such as instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training. Veritas Education and its Authorized Training Partners will continue to offer scheduled, public classes for those who prefer the expertise of an instructor and dedicated time away from the office to take training.

A complete list of courses available is posted on the Education website. Customers may purchase access using Training Units or Veritas Service Units. For more information, download the Veritas Learning Lab data sheet and contact a regional Education specialist with any questions: