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Veritas Webcast Event featuring Gartner

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The nature of backup and recovery can be very reactive. Rarely are new applications or systems built with backup in mind, and the variety of data loss scenarios seems to grow every day. How do you plan for a future that is so difficult to predict? Will your next move position your organization for success or doom it to failure?

Today, Businesses are in the throes of dramatic digital transformation that is forcing IT leaders to rethink their data protection strategy. In this new era, backup and recovery is more than just about making copies. You must stay ahead of growth by achieving greater gains in productivity. You must explore new ways to deliver services on-demand and better match technology investments to business priorities. You must make the right decisions quickly to enable your business to reach new heights.

In this webcast, industry experts from Gartner and Veritas share their views on how enterprise backup is changing and how you can take advantage of the latest innovations to solve today’s problems and anticipate tomorrow’s demands.

  • What has been the most consistent complaint about backup over the years?
  • What technology trends are forcing the most change?
  • How can you deal with increasing complexity, scale, and service expectations?
  • Can backups help you better manage your information?
  • How can you get the best return on your backup investment?

Click here to watch this on-demand webcast featuring Dave Russell, VP and Distinguished Analyst at G...