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Veritas and Cisco Expand ACI Ecosystem with Support for NetBackup

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3/01/2016 –

Cisco and Veritas announced today support for the NetBackup Converged Platform with the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and the ability to monitor the health and performance of networks used for protecting data with NetBackup. Together, these leading enterprise providers in networking and data protection, have designed, built, tested, a vetted Cisco ACI Application Profile for NetBackup.

Every enterprise both large and small are experiencing significant data growth which is impacting every aspect of their data center infrastructure.  Along with this data growth comes the increased challenge of ensuring this growing volume of data is protected, and backup and recovery SLAs are met.  Having insights into the network that carries backup and recovery traffic allows users to more quickly see and respond to potential causes of why backup jobs may have failed. 

Expanding the Cisco ACI ecosystem with market leading NetBackup for enterprise data protection, combines the benefits of both solutions by providing an environment where backups are easily monitored with intuitive health scores, counters, detailed troubleshooting tools, and more from an application-level perspective. After a Cisco ACI Application Profile is created for the Veritas NetBackup application, every object within or associated to the profile has an easily visible health score associated to it.

IT is going through significant transformation and the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) for many is key to this transformation.  Now that nearly every enterprise has virtualized anywhere from 80% to 100% of their servers and workloads, they are looking at Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to continue on the path of reducing IT spend, complexity, and to become more agile.

SDN has captured much attention in the networking industry over the past few years due to its promise of a more agile and programmable network infrastructure.  Cisco ACI is a comprehensive SDN architecture with policy-based automation that supports a business-relevant application policy language, greater scalability through a distributed enforcement system, and greater network visibility.  The integration of physical and virtual environments under one policy model for networks, servers, storage, services, and security helps IT professionals to address the constant operational challenges faced by the small to the largest, globally deployed enterrpise.

The sheer breadth, depth, and scalability of the NetBackup Converged Platform to easily protect virtually every workload in the enterprise, whether on physical or virtual systems, on-premises or off-, on disk, tape, or the cloud, still requires a healthy network to ensure SLA performance and that backup and recovery jobs don’t fail.   Expanding ecosystem partnerships to provide better insights and solutions to help IT with their transformations to SDDC or IT-as-a-Service for better agility, or reducing cost and complexity, is a win-win for everyone.


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