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Veritas takes virtual to the next level with NetBackup 8.3

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We don’t say it enough. Veritas has comprehensive solutions for virtualization, supporting VMware, Hyper-V, Nutanix, Red Hat Virtualization, Docker, Azure Stack, and OpenStack. It’s rare to find an organization today that isn’t running one of these virtual or hybrid environments, even including virtual in the cloud. Which is why Veritas is so committed to providing solutions that not only protect your data regardless of whether it’s virtualized, on-premises or in the cloud, but also provide insights, analytics, availability and speedy recovery.NBU_Virtual_Image1.png

NetBackup has taken virtual data protection to the next level with the recent release of NetBackup 8.3. Don’t let the point release fool you. This is a huge update, with a slew of new features that ensure your organization can confidently manage and protect, knowing data is intact, regulated, and resilient—regardless of where it resides. NetBackup 8.3 has added functionality designed to optimize security, recover at speed, unify cloud capabilities, simplify even the most dynamic environments, and supercharge performance even in large environments.NBU_Virtual_Image2.png

Some highlights of what NetBackup for Virtual Environments delivers:   

1. Reliable performance at-scale to meet the toughest service-level objectives (SLAs) and backup windows. 

  • Instant Access to VMs and support for compatible Build Your Own (BYO) server infrastructure.
  • Accelerator, optimizing read and data transfer for up to 100x faster full backups.
  • Intelligent Load Balancing automatically spreads backup loads evenly across your VMware infrastructure.
  • Recover rapidly, from hours to minutes with automated and orchestrated recovery for VMs off-premises and to the cloud.
  • Scale to any size environment from 100 to over 100,000 VMs, with no performance impact.


2. Automated and optimized data protection for every VM, even in the most dynamic environments.

  • Policy-based “set and forget” intelligent policies automate the discovery and policy-based backups of new, changed, or moved VMs to ensure all VMs are properly backed up and no VM is left behind.  
  • RESTful APIs integrate with leading SDDC tools like ServiceNow, Remedy, or Ansible to automate various operations.
  • From on-premises to the cloud. 


3. The low-cost, low-maintenance infrastructure reduces cost and complexity.  

  • Agentless backup and recovery.
  • Flexible administrative options, VMware vRO, vRA, and vCenter Plugins with automated workflows.
  • Built-in intelligent deduplication reduces data by up to 99 percent.
  • Simple, intuitive web UI offers secure, self-service access for VM admins and delivers results in as little as three clicks. 


4. Confidently manage business risks with secure and compliant data protection.  

  • Designed with VMware, for VMware. 
  • Security, supporting backup and restore for VMs using VMware Trusted Platform Module (vTPM) for high-security environments.  
  • RBAC (role-based access control) provides secure, auditable access to VM admins, with the flexibility to use the VMware vCenter Server plug-in to manage NetBackup through their familiar consoles.  


Did you know that Veritas has a long-standing, collaborative relationship with VMware to provide the best quality product for our customers? Well, we do! Our 18-year partnership with VMware is something we’re very proud of at Veritas. NetBackup is part of the VMware-ready program and holds certifications in VMware Cloud, NFS, VAIO, vRealize, and vCloud Director.  Just last month, the Veritas Resiliency Platform was awarded the first product to achieve VMware certification for VAIO in vSphere 7.0. Veritas was also one of the first companies to integrate with VMware directly for agentless backups over nine years ago. NetBackup protects over 128 million VMware virtual machines and 2,800 petabytes of data—our top workload supported. Over the course of our partnership, we’ve strived to be day-one ready, evolving in step with major market innovations, including hybrid and multicloud adoption. And today, we’re aligning to support the emergence of containers and serverless technologies.  

Veritas NetBackup, the gold standard in data protection for nearly three decades, continues to innovate and push virtual data protection to the next level. With NetBackup 8.3, we’re empowering organizations around the world to access, protect, gain insights from, and recover their most important asset—data.

Visit our NetBackup for Virtualization webpage to learn more.

If you missed our NetBackup 8.3 launch announcement on LinkedIn Live, you can view it here.

To learn more about the other exciting new features in NetBackup 8.3, visit our NetBackup webpage.

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