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Our passion is protecting your data. Check out news and insights from the Veritas Protection blog addressing datacenter issues like disaster recovery, complete data management, backup, and recovery protection.

Blog Articles

A Brief History of Backup

"Study the past if you would define the future." – Confucius A lot has changed in the backup industry over the past two decades. In honor of World Backup Day, we thought it might be fun to take a look...


Do You Believe In Magic?

Pop Quiz: The Enterprise Backup and Recovery software market is: Dramatic Controversial In the Midst of an Upheaval All of the Above Yep. This year the industry analysts are acknowledging the most int...


Better Backup for VM Sprawl

Better Backup for VM Sprawl The following chart is data from IDC data: Two things immediately stand out when looking at this data: 1) VM growth is going to continue into the predicted future (not surp...


Handy Links - VMware Backup with NetBackup

I was speaking to a customer earlier this week who wanted to get up to speed on our VMware capabilities and needed some basics as well. While I know there have been some great posts in the forums, I t...


NetBackup Snapshot Client Terminology Explained

Recently one of the fans of NetBackup on Facebook asked a question. Although his questions were specific to the difference between Snapshot client backup and regular backups, I thought it might be bet...


Lies, Damned Lies, and Infinite Scalability!!!

One of the things that weigh on an IT director’s mind is how he/she can keep up with their company’s growth in the data center. These areas include server growth, application growth, bandwidth and net...


It is the Backup Volume, Stupid...

Data growth remains one of the top pain points for backup admins. The legacy data protection technologies are not keeping up with the data growth. To address this problem, many organizations are re-ar...


New SORT Features for NetBackup

The new release of SORT keeps pace with the latest NetBackup releases and also adds important new functionality as listed below. Of particular interest is support for NetBackup 7.5 and Custom Reports ...