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Our passion is protecting your data. Check out news and insights from the Veritas Protection blog addressing datacenter issues like disaster recovery, complete data management, backup, and recovery protection.

Blog Articles

NetBackup Deduplication- FUD vs. Reality

In my current role at Symantec, I spend a lot of time talking to customers about their data protection strategies. It is interesting to note how much misinformation some of our competitors continue to...


Buy a NetBackup Appliance or Build My Own?

I was recently asked, “Why would I buy a NetBackup appliance when I could buy the software and cheap JBOD?” Initially, I was taken aback by the question. However, after giving it more thought, I reali...


NetBackup: Hyper-V protection made easy!

Minimize resource consumption on Hyper-V host Symantec NetBackup had been protecting Hyper-V virtual machines since the release of NetBackup 6.5.4. The award winning virtual machine protection technol...


It's 2:00 a.m. Do you know what NetBackup is doing?

Every time I speak with a backup administrator I get the sense they are looking for the infamous “EASY” button. And no wonder…it’s not uncommon to see multiple point tools and demanding recovery objec...