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Our passion is protecting your data. Check out news and insights from the Veritas Protection blog addressing datacenter issues like disaster recovery, complete data management, backup, and recovery protection.

Blog Articles

The Sherlock Holmes and John Watson of Data Protection

I'm a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. But what makes Holmes and Watson such a good team? The simple answer is their combined skills. Individually, they're excellent detectives. But when they join forces, we...


Full Life-Cycle Support with Veritas Appliance Services

Imagine if an expert team arrived at your site to install your new appliance and bring it on-line in a matter of a few hours. The team even installs the appliance in your rack and configures it to you...


Smartphones and Backup

What was your reaction when you got your first phone call on a smartphone? If you’re like me, it was something like: "Oh yeah, this makes sense. The caller’s name appears on the screen. My music stops...