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Our passion is protecting your data. Check out news and insights from the Veritas Protection blog addressing datacenter issues like disaster recovery, complete data management, backup, and recovery protection.

Blog Articles

NetBackup 9 supercharges OpenStack data protection

Digital transformation has enabled organizations to become more operationally efficient and resilient. Enterprises continue to choose cloud, private and public, as a storage or recovery target due to ...


Detect and Recover: Taking on Ransomware with Confidence

Ransomware is a big business. Bad actors are motivated to innovate new ways to penetrate an organization’s infrastructure and grind it to a halt. Even with significant effort by system and backup admi...


Realize Ransomware Resilience with NetBackup

The ransomware threat is real. Attacks are a top concern for enterprises of all shapes and sizes—and for good reason! Enterprises are lucrative. And in the era of dispersed data, they’re a prime targe...


What’s new in the cloud with NetBackup 9

At the end of January, Veritas launched NetBackup 9. With this release, we introduced an extremely powerful new deployment option: NetBackup Flex Scale for scale-out infrastructure. This amazing new d...


Introducing NetBackup Flex Scale

The phrase "the only constant is change" is often attributed to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus. If Heraclitus worked in a modern datacenter, I think he would modify his insight into "the ...


A Fresh Start Isn’t Much Fun in Data Protection

Most data protection administrators who I’ve talked with over the years have a story that goes something like this: “I was 99% complete with my longest-running backup job when all of the sudden, WHAM!...