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Ghost 14 clone of hard drive problem

I need help useing ghost 14 to clone a hard drive
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Dell XPS M1530 - Vista 64 bit - Norton Ghost

I just spent 5.5 hrs making an image of my 275 gb laptop hard drive (189 gb used space) onto a 500 gb laptop drive via a USB connection.

When I inserted the new imaged drive into the laptop it had trouble booting. I then took the imaged drive out and viewed it as an external drive to see what was there.  The imaged drive shows only 145 gb transferred.  49 GB are missing.

What did I miss? 

Here is the process I used:

Copy one Hard Disk to Another hard disk

Check sourcd for file errors - checked

check destination for file errors - checked

set drive active for booting OS - checked

disable smart sector - checked

ignore bad sectors - NOT CHECKED

copy MBR - checked


I did NOT reboot with both the original and copied drives connected.


So what did I do wrong and how do I get the complete drive to image onto the