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How to do replication to Remote site with Symantec

Hello support, I am here again to find out what Symantec product i can use to do replication across two to three sites. A customer requested for this. 2 Domain controllers 2 Exchange servers 2 file-print servers 1 blackberry server 1 contact center server I have heard of Replication Exec and i have no idea how to use it except i read. I need some help. Thank you for your anticipated assistance

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hi nene, Veritas Volume

hi nene,

Veritas Volume Replicator is also there, but not sure if it works for huge amount of data over WAN. It's dedicated product for WAN replication.

you can check for it.



Veritas Volume Replicator

Hi Vaibhavpanchai,

Thank you for the response. I will try to check it out.

Hi,  Use Veritas volume


 Use Veritas volume replicator. To replicate data between two sites.

you can use SFHA -DR in that

you can use SFHA -DR in that u can get the 2 node Application cluster (i.e exchange service) and GCO for the application cluster,for replication u can use VVR.