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How to remove the pair from a Job: causing SRT304E Client interface initialization failed

Due to newtwork activity YYYYYY7YYYYYYY02 server is taken out and I want to remove it from replication.

XXXX0217XXXX03 is master (source) and YYYYYY7YYYYYYY02 is target server. But I am not able to launch neither srtool.exe itself nor srconsole.exe and getting following error.

SRT304E Client interface initialization failed, RXRESULT_RMSError (piErrorNotInitialized)

SHR255I Internal error: Platform Independence is not initialized.



SRT304E Client interface initialization failed, RXRESULT_RMSError (piErrorNotInitialized)

Event Type:    Error
Event Source:    Replication Exec RSA
Event Category:    None
Event ID:    1059
Date:        9/30/2013
Time:        11:30:26 AM
User:        N/A
Computer:    XXXX0217XXXX03
Pair XXXX0217XXXX03:YYYYYY7YYYYYYY02 on Job 'XXXX0217XXXX03 to ZZZZZZZ7ZZZZ02 and YYYYYY7YYYYYYY02' did not start successfully. : Pair XXXX0217XXXX03:YYYYYY7YYYYYYY02 failed to start. : Unable to complete RPC to server 'YYYYYY7YYYYYYY02'.  The RPC failed with NT error 'The RPC server is unavailable.'.  Please check network connectivity and settings.