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Install Replication Exec 3.1 on Windows 2003 64 bits

Hello Everyone,

We need to install Veritas Replication Exec 3.1 on our Windows 2003 64 bit, according with the Symantec documentation ( it’s possible using the 32 bit emulator (WOW64), but the VRE installer does not allowed, it send error message (“You cannot install VERITAS Replication Exec to 64 bit operation systems”), we try running direct from the SYSWOW64 Installare (C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\InstallShield) but even there the VRE Installer detect the 64 bits O.S. and stop installation.

Any help will be appreciated, regards,

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64-bit support


The Technote that you have mentioned states that Veritas Replication Exec (VRE) will not install on 64-bit architecture. This means hardware or software. The information on the technote discusses setting the hardware to be in 32-bit emulation and then installing a 32-bit Operating System on that. If VRE sees the hardware as supporting 32-bit and the OS it is being installed into is also 32-bit, it will allow the software to install, otherwise you will get the error seen. In your case you mention that you are attempting to install in Windows 2003 64-bit, which is unsupported OS platform.

Unfortunately Veritas Replication Exec 3.1 is an older product that was never designed to be run on 64-bit operating systems, due to the 32-bit filter drivers involved and will generate errors if this is attempted.

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