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KeepAliveTime Problem: Job cancels

We do have problems getting running jobs cancelled due to temporarily net downs. unfortunately VSR does not remember already transferred blocks of one file upon restart / reconnect. thus, very large files (e.g. 1GB and above) which were in synchronization phase during the network down are started again. now we are running into problems as the "huge file" is atrted again and again and the whole process never ends...
one possibility were to split those files before synchronization and to cat them afterwards. this is kind of complicated though...
another way were to set a "KeepAliveTime" for the veritas software (as not the internal TCP/IP is down, but only the VPN tunnel for reaching the specific RSA machine out there). we tried to do so, as it is decribed within the pdf manual, but it does not work... :(
anyone with more success here?
what kind of value is this "KeepAliveTime"? REG_DWORD or REG_SZ...?
where do I have to set this? inside the registry of the RSA source servers or inside the RMS (this is our target as well). I tried both with no luck.
are there limitations for the value...?
thanks for any ideas.