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Problems Installing VRE 3.1 in high security environment where Admin Shares are disabled

How can the product be installed if the C$ Admin Share is disabled?

Adam Bentley
Callware Technologies Inc.

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Admin shares


I recall that Admin $ shares are required to 'push' install to a remote server, but I believe that the shares are not needed for the normal replication jobs, once installed. 

To install you would need the VRE 3.1 installation files and run those. When going through the installation screens, just choose to install the Replication Agent (RSA) only, assuming this is on a data source server. You will be prompted for the Netgroup name which must correspond with the one used on the main Replication Management Server (RMS). You will also have to enter the name of the RMS server. The installation will then complete and after rebooting, the server should then be seen in the VRE console on the RMS server

For your information, please be aware that;
- The person installing VRE 3.1 must have Administrator rights on the local machine being installed. If VRE 3.1 is being installed from a network share, the user needs Read permission to that share as well.

- The user must have administrator rights to the machine where the RSA software is being installed. When a destination server is selected for which the user does not have access rights, a security dialog appears prompting for valid credentials.

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