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Replication Exec across internet?

Hi All,

I have the eval of repeec 3.1 and it works great via a LAN, but i cant get it to work via the internet.

I cant find any documentation that says that this is possible.

I dont really want to run a VPN from one point to another.

I have tryed the preferredaddress regkey and the gateway IP address regkey. neither of which helped.

I can rxping the RMS machine from the machine I am running the RSA software on no problems.

I just cant get the RSA to talk to the RMS across the net.

Am i required to have the ports open at both ends? or just one?(as i have the ports opened in ISA2004 at the RMS)

Any thoughts or ideas?

If I cant get this to work across the internet then I am going to look at some other products, and I will keep this one in mind if I need to replicate in a LAN.

Many Thanks,