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Replication exce console error


I need assistance to resolve my issue, if anyone had experienced this issue.

Am not able to open the veritas replication exec.

When am trying to open it says


The console could not connect to the replication master server.there was unknow error connecting to the RMS.


And we try to open the srtool I see the message:

SRT304E Client interface initialization failed, RXRESULT_RMSError (piErrorNotIni


SHR255I Internal error: Platform Independence is not initialized.


C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Storage Replicator>



The application viewer logs has erros forthei replication exce for every 2 minutes.

Please let me know if you have a solution.


This is our main boxes.

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I've moved this to the

I've moved this to the Storage & Clustering community.