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Replication exec and permissions

Hi there
I'm trying to create a new server in Replication Exec so I can set up a new replication job. I can select the server from the list of available machines on our network but when I try to remotely install the Replication Service Agent I keep running into the error "unable to communicate with ********: access is denied" followed by "server creation did not complete successfully". I'm logged onto both servers with the domain administrator account and have set full control permissions and shared the target server's local drive where the agent was going to be installed. I've added the domain administrator account to the 'Administrator' group on the target server. Even if I create a new share and set the permissions up from scratch the same thing happens.......
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance.
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please check that below list

please check that below list of port that open for replication


1. 8104 - UDP

2. 20481 -TCP

3. 20483 -TCP

4. 20485 -TCP