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Replication target server still "offline" in console

hi folks,


i got a strange problem in my replication 3.1 enviroment. 


1x W2k3 Management RMS Server


3x W2k3 Replication targets (one virtual (target_1) and one physical (target_2) )


The management und the replication targets are on different subnets. Routing works well, ports are open in both directions.


The replication works fine for two of my replication target servers (target_1 and target_2). 


What´s new? 

I cloned the virtual server (target_1) to another replication target server named target_3.

I changed the sid of target_3, changed the servername and ip-address, assured name resolution.

I deleted the corresponding CLSID key in the registry (id key for RE3.1 to identify the host)

Next i reinstalled the replication exec software on target_3. Works fine.

After that the new server appeared in the RMS management console. 

But the state is still "offline". No way to change this state (options greyed out).


What I did for troubleshooting:


a) check with rxping from target_3 to rms and rms to target_3. -> OK

b) I tried to set target_3 manually active (enable) by the srtool.exe on target_3. No errors reported, but no change visible.

c) Compared the registry settings between target_1, target_2 and target_3. Seems identical.


So I´m really confused what´s going wrong.


Maybe anybody can shade a little light on this behavior.






Message Edited by henrik_k on 11-02-2008 01:33 PM