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User Permissions on the replicated directory


I've got 2 standalone servers that have Replication Exec 3.1, but I don't have any permissions to the replicated files on the backup server.

To use the files, I need to take ownership of everything and then reset the permissions, but when I restart VRE the permissions that I have just added get removed.

I guess this is because it's replication the user permissions and if I had both servers in an AD, I would be OK.

Does anyone know of a way that I can override the replicated permissions so that I can automate a switchover to the backup server.


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Re: User Permissions on the replicated directory

You can't override, but the Backup Operators local group should have permission to backup files regardless of security on the file- make sure your backup account is in that group.

Otherwise, you should be able to grant one of the Local Groups that exists on both servers permission to the source data, and the matching group should end up with the same access on the target.

I'm using the 2nd stragegy for user access to data replicated between domains that do not have a trust relationship, and its working well.