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VRE and SQL Server 2000 problem - need advice

I understand that VRE can replicate sql databases real time by replicating the *.mdf and *.ldf files to another server. I set up a job to replicate several database and the replication is working fine -- until I run a sql job that does mass updates to several tables in a database. When these type of jobs run, the SQL server service locks up and hangs and a power off/power on to the server is needed. I tested this out on another set of servers. I ran the sql job with and without the replication job running. With it running, it kills the server. Without vre running, no problem. Has anyone encountered anything similar to this or can someone offer some advice on how to make this work? I would like to think I could replicate about 20 databases that consist of about 10 gigs total with a medium volume of transaction activity on each database every day.

Any feedback would be definitely appreciated. Thanks. -jb