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Disaster recovery

HI There

Please help me am new to this veritas netbackup.

we have oracle apps installed on linux and have configured rman backup with netbackup 5.1 then onto tape it resides on SAN.

I have few tapes that have backup of the rman backups only .

I would be grateful if anyone can help me by describing me a whitepaper or saying me in details how to retrive the data from tape to a different location .

I am undone please help me soon.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Disaster recovery

Well, you have two simple methods to extract your data from tape in a different location.

You can either use VVR to replicate your Master Server Catalog to another Master Server in a different location. And you may take your tape over to that location and let your Master Server read the tapes, and restore your data.

Or, you can simply take your tapes to that location, read each tape one by one into the Master Server, and restore the data.

There is a good whitepaper for you in the FTP server below.

Please post to correct forum next time because a lot of experts may miss your question since it is posted under VVR. Thanks.

Re: Disaster recovery

I'm not sure what you are asking, but

you can use the "duplicate" feature of netbackup to create an additional image. It is located in the catalog portion via a drop down action item. you can put the duplicate image on another storage device.

Re: Disaster recovery


I think you are talking about NetBackup and not Volume Replicator.
With NetBackup, for a restore, go to the Backup, Archives and Restore option of the administration console (If you are an operator you should be able to get proper access and procedure from your company's documentation). From the backup, archive and restore menu, you will have to select the backup from which you wish to restore and then you can select to restore to an alternate client and/or alternate location. The "NetBackup User Guide" has detailed procedures for restores including restores to alternate locations and clients.
If you are talking about a disaster recovery situation where you need to retrieve tapes from a different master server, etc, then you will need to either recover your NetBackup catalog or import the tapes as was mentioned previously.
If it is Volume Replicator, then please provide additional information.

Hope this helps.