File are not updated on Secondary node


I am trying to test an evaluational version of SFW. Have a problem with its VVR component between 2 Hyper-V VMs with Windows Server 2008.
Setup went fine, I setup replication without any problems. Status is Active and Green, I can see "Blocks Send" increasing, log filling and emptiing, everything seems to be ok.
Nevertheless secondary server's replicated disk do not update it's content/files until I stop replication and restart it again. No error anywhere.

What could be the problem here?

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it could be a silly question,

it could be a silly question, I still want to ask, while you are replicating data from the primary to the secondary,  do you keep the volume at secondary mounted all the time?

Your wordings gave me above feeling, sorry if not.

For volume on secondary,  the volume is not meant to be accessed while replication happening.  You can create a snapshot agains the volume at secondary,  mount snapshot to access data and also you can refresh this snapshot periodically.


Very good question. It shows

Very good question. It shows me that I was misunderstanding the concepts. Indeed, I am trying keep secondary volume mounted and access it. Is it possible, or it should be offline all the time by VVR design?

Hello, Yes, Secondary volumes


Yes, Secondary volumes should be unmounted while VVR is replicating..

Well not much sure about windows, atleast on unix, if you try mounting volumes on secondary it gives warning as it is configured under RVG, yet forcing the mount will be possible...


Are there any Symantec's

Are there any Symantec's solutions which allow having secondary copy online?

actually the other day,

actually the other day, I forcibly mount the secondary volume, while it doesn't reflect the content that is being continuously updated.  Just the mount take a snapshot when the file system is mounted. 

For secondary volume access, I believe with a snapshot, plus a period refresh, is all you can.  That is the basic principle to keep secondary volume unble to be accessed.  the same thing like sun AVS, or emc SRDF.

But why they don't permit a read-only mount and reflect the real-time date update?

There is no standard solution

There is no standard solution which will enable secondary....


As suggest by ERIC, go for a

As suggest by ERIC, go for a snapshot and resync with primary copy everytime. you will have a point in time view.


VVR Secondary Mounted

Speaking specifically to SFW 5.x...when you say the Secondary was 'mounted,' do you mean that a drive letter was assigned?

If so, remove the drive letter from the Secondary Volume using the VEA File System -> Change Drive Letter and Path...

Give Replication some time to update, then add the drive letter back to the Secondary to verify that the file as been updated.

As Eric said previously, the Secondary Volumes are not meant to be mounted with a drive letter while SFW VVR Replication is running.

Please let us all know if this helps,