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Files are missing in replication and casuser setting(file permission)are not preserved in data replication

Level 5
Hi Friends,

problme 1:
                      I have used VVR 5.0 for replicating data from one hard disk(srver 1) to another hard disk(server2). In windows, after transfre, using migrate option, i migrated from one server to another server and made the server2 as primary. After migration i could see the permission settings for the content in the server 2 has got deleted. That is server 1 has a folder with casuser setting(w.r.t its server1`s hostname) and aserver 2 also has a folder with casuser setting (w.r.t its server2`s hostname). after migration , the casuser for that content in the secondary server is set with server1`s casuser value. Due to this i was forced to reconfigure the casuser setting with server2 for that particualr content which is an additional work for me..

But there is no issue with solaris. casuser settings are preserved

Have anyone faced  this problem.. Anyone has any idea on this  issue ?

Problem 2:

                  Once secondary becomes consistent, (servers are configured under a single cluster), I have unplugged the NIC card connection to the server 1 manually, which makes the secodnary server to come up. But after coming up while validating , there are some files which got corrupted and some files are missing. How to keep track of the data in sec server w.r.t primary server. It seems some files are getting corrupted during transfre. But no clues in VEA client w.r.t.replication netwrork. does any one have any idae on this ? anyone faced this

Since this is so urgent , can  any one please answer for my queries..Thanks in advance

With regards,