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How to generate block-level backup using BE2012 to synchronize remote location (VVR)



In an enviroment of SQL databases in HA, using global clustering between two remote sites  the following Symantec productos are used: Veritas cluster,  Veritas Replicator and Backup Exec 2012.

In order to synchronize the volumes in the remote location it is necesary to generate a block-level backup to tape and send it to there... based on the following article:

How can I do a backup of that type using Backup Exec??

Thanks a lot.

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Hi mmeeggaann, I know that

Hi mmeeggaann,

I know that NetBackup has the ability to do RAW/Block Level backups.  I'm not sure that BackupExec has the ability to do a RAW or Block Level backup that VVR needs.  I'm not a BackupExec expert so you might want to ask this question in the BackupExec forum.


Thank you,


thanks Wally. I'm still

thanks Wally. I'm still testing and looking for an alternative using BE2010