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RVG creation fails for shared disk volume

I'm trying to create RVG for a shared disk volume. However I'm getting error while trying to create this. I'm running 5.1 on solaris 10.

Here is the error I get when creating RVGPrimary on CFS. I’m running this command on master. IS there something I’m missing? I'mm appreciate any input from this group.


-bash-3.00# vradmin -g oradg createpri oradg_rvg oravol1 srlvol

Message from Primary:

VxVM vxmake ERROR V-5-1-10127 creating rvg oradg_rvg:

        Replication not allowed in shared disk group

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 Thanks! I couldn't located

 Thanks! I couldn't located information about RVG creationg failure in the page. Could you please copy/paste the relevant section?

Thanks in Advance

Above link what Zahid pasted

Above link what Zahid pasted seems to be for HPUX...

If I understand correctly, you are using SF 5.0MP1 (thats what you call 5.1 ?)....

5.0-MP1 supports replication in a shared diskgroup environment...

if you are getting above error, could you please let me know what is the diskgroup version you are using ?

# vxdg list <diskgrouo> | grep -i version

If version is coming below 140, I would recommend you to upgrade to 140 & then try again...

# vxdg upgrade <diskgroup>    would be the command to upgrade diskgroup version