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Storage Foundation Veritas Volume Replicator



I have a SF for windows with VVR in my infrastructure. I have 2 Node VCS Cluster of Exchange at Primary site and 1 Node VCS Cluster of Exchange at DR site without GCO. I have HP Storage at primary site with 13 volumes and NetApp Storage at DR site with 13 Volumes as well. Due to some problem at primary site my production is now at DR site means rite now my Secondary become primary and Primary become Secondary. So i replicate the data from DR to Primary using VVR and is running successfully. 

Now i want to move HP from Primary site which is passive and install New NetApp and configure the volume at primary site(Passive) and i want to replicate the Data from DR(Acive) to Primary's(Passive) HP and as well as NetApp for the time being. Is it possible to replicate the data one to many means can i replicate the data from DR(Active) NetApp to Primary's(Passive) HP and NetApp??? My Bandwidth is good which is 10GB.

IF Yes? then how??.




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VVR can replicate one to many

VVR can replicate one to many (1 to 32 I think) - you just add another secondary.  So at the moment, your DR site is primary and your Primary site is secondary, so from DR you can run:

vradmin -g diskgroup addsec rvgname new_sec prlink=to_newsec srlink=to_pri

You can do this in VEA too, probably right click on RDS and choose something like "Add secondary".



Hi Sajid, Mike is right that

Hi Sajid,

Mike is right that VVR can handle up to 32 secondaries.  I have seen VCS for Windows with GCO configured with 3 sites.  The RVGPrimary resource (on Windows) was altered many years ago, to handle multiple secondaries during site failover.

Thank you,



Thanks Mike,   We do this VEA

Thanks Mike,


We do this VEA on DR or primary site because as you know we cannot see volumes at DR site so must add secondary at Primary VEA?

M i rite?




You need to add secondary

You need to add secondary from the site that has the primary RVG (where you are writing) which I believe is the DR site at the moment



Thanks mike for the

Thanks mike for the clearification.

One more question. As we need to replicate cluster group so for this we need to create Disk Group with Cluster Gorup and then add secondary with that cluster group is any other pre-requisite is require in this scenerio??

Is there any video to configure VVR at the partnernet site? coz i dint find any.



Sorry no Cluster group its

Sorry no Cluster group its Disk Group with Cluster option


The cluster option for a

The cluster option for a diskgroup is required for clusters, not VVR (it stops the diskgroup being imported when the server boots, so the cluster can decide which server should import the diskgroup), so if you DR site is using VCS then you need cluster option.

Adding another secondary is no different from adding first secondary which you already have.