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I have volume replicated two servers one is in my DC & another in DR in different geographic location.

As due to some technical falult the DR server was not reachable for 2 days so replication hampered. After the DR server is up but  till date the DCM log is gradually increasing day by day.

Can anyone help me in rectify this, if I have to do DC - DR drill is it possible or feasable to do that till the logs cleared.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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If the DCM is being used,

If the DCM is being used, this means the SRL overflowed so VVR cannot catch up consistently as it can with SRL and can only catch up inconsistently using the DCMs maps, so this is a manual operation, so you are aware your DR site will be inconsistent during the catch-up (so back-up of the DR site is recommended, just in case you loose primary during catch-up).  To catch up use:

vradmin -g dg_name resync rvg_name