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VVR Backup Best Practices?

Level 4
hey gang,

is there any guidance out there (from symantec or otherwise) on best practices for backups for VVR?

I have a simple replication configuration.  A primary is my main site replicates the Netbackup catalog to a secondary site.  There is one RDS, RVG, RLINK, DG.  Replications works fine.

I'd like to know the best way to backup data on the data volumes in order to avoid full resync between primary / secondary if the secondary fails for any reason.

I've been reading the Admin guide and it talks about checkpoints and block-level backups, but (IMHO) isn't very clear about what needs to be done (or how).

do does anyone out there have any advice on how to best set up backups/checkpoint (preferrably something relatively automatic) on both / either VVR Primary and/or Secondary?




Level 4

The VVR Admin Guide has some good examples on how to perform volume-level backups on the DR site.

Snapshots are the most common form of backups. You could use the traditional snapshot feature to accomplish this:

Another way is to use the instant snapshots:

Another very good way is to perform a block-level backup using the vradmin ibc command, while the replication is active:

In addition, VVR also provides the secondary checkpoint pause/resume to facilitate taking block-level backups.


Rick Stallcop