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VVR command show rights

Dear All,
We have Storage Foundation 5.0 with VVR in solaris 8. We are interested to set the rights to see vvr status (like vradmin and vxrlink) for the other / selected user other than root user. Is it possible? How?

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I don't think anyone would

I don't think anyone would have tested that...

but I would guess vradmin would face issues in not running with root privilages, I wouldn't recommend this...


Hi Gaurav, Actually, we want

Hi Gaurav,

Actually, we want to give rights to other user for just status checking for the vvr.

Hello dharmesh, default owner

Hello dharmesh,

default owner & group owner for commands like vxrlink & vradmin are root:sys ... so unless you add the user to specific group with specific permissions.. don't think u will achieve this...