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VVR cross platform replication

The VVR 5.1 admin guide, in the "Cross-platform Data Sharing in VVR" section says:


Refer to the Veritas Storage Foundation Cross-Platform Data Sharing Administrator’s Guide for more information.
I have looked on SORT and I can only find a 5.0 version and this does not mention VVR as I believe cross platform replication has only been available since 5.1.  Can anyone provide me an URL for this doc (and what search string/section I should use in SORT to find this).
In SORT I searched for "cross platform replication" and I got several links all pointing to a very short document:

Cross-platform data sharing

Cross-platform data sharing (CDS) allows data to be serially shared among heterogeneous systems where each system has direct access to the physical devices that hold the data. This feature can be used only in conjunction with Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM).

See the Veritas Storage Foundation Cross-Platform Data Sharing Administrator's Guide.

But the last line is not a hyper link, so this did not help.
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That guide is

That guide is here:

what you pasted is here:

you can find all latest guides here:




I am confused by first link

I am confused by first link as this is for SFHA_Virtualisation which is about Solaris Zones, so I am guessing this was a mistake.  The second link helps as this gives the correct name of the doc - "Veritas Storage Foundation Advanced Features Administrator's Guide" (sf_adv_admin) - THANKS

In 5.0 doc was called "Veritas Storage Foundation Cross-Platform Data Sharing Administrator's Guide", but this changed to sf_adv_admin in 5.0, but the vvr_admin guide was not updated in 5.1 to reflect this (now updated in 5.1SP1).

Now I know correct name of doc, I didn't need 3rd link as doc was easy to find (already had it in fact).

However I cannot find anything in this doc that mentions"CDS in VVR" - only generic CDS stuff.  The sort of stuff I am looking for is:

  1. VVR admin guide says in a cross-version replication (version, not platform)  environment, operations which can result in configuration changes, like vradmin addvol, delvol and resizevol, are not allowed.  Are they any limitations, such as these, for cross-plaform replication.
  2. Do the different platforms have to be at the same MP/SP level - so could you replicated from Solaris 5.1 to Linux 5.1SP1
  3. Can you replicate between cross-version AND cross-platform - example Solaris 5.0 to LInux 5.1?
  4. I believe it is still not supported to have nodes of a different platform in an RDC or Global cluster (and I think VCS One which I am not even sure supports replication agents yet) - is this the case or is cross-plaform possible with GCO?  If it is not possible, are there any workarounds or is clustering just not supported with cross-plaform VVR.
  5. Is there a matrix of tested configurations.
  6. Are there any other gotchas






Hi Mike,   See the Veritas

Hi Mike,


See the Veritas Storage Foundation Cross-Platform Data Sharing Administrator's Guide in the below link. Hope it will provide some information.



Srinivasu V