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VVR and Automatic Replication

It is not that that VVR must do the replication automatic? We installed VVR in our network but the think does not replicate automatic. Even if we set some check point. And also we are having the status the Replicat are attached but not connected? Wha...

ynok by Level 2
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Does VCS in Global Cluster require DNS?

Hello,I see the Release Notes of VCS 5.0 saying that in Global Cluster, the VIP has to be registered in DNS.Is it not enough to have them in /etc/hosts (obviously, having Solaris 10 configured for /etc/hosts only)? Thanks   

Rudasa by Level 3
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VRAdvisor : "VxVM is not installed"

Hi everybody,    I started using this powerfull tool, VRAdvisor. I knew it first time at VVR class.To go straight to the point it happens the following :# export LC_ALL=C#/opt/VRTSvradv/bin/vradvguithen the wizards appears and I choose "DATA COLLECTI...

Cannot create SNMP rules for VVR

I've an issue during I try to create rules from VEA to sent to SNMP  Server, I'm using the condition based on messages serity (Critical,Error)  So after I put the recipient already ,When I click OK the console got HANG  didn't responds.  Or does it h...

VVR by Not applicable
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Uses of Volume Replicator with Oracle 10g or 11g

We're looking at reducing our downtime windows for our Oracle environments.  Most of the downtime are required for Oracle patching, for both database more importantly Oracle Applications (ERP) patching and upgrades which sometimes takes a couple of d...

bpham by Not applicable
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VVR Replication stopped

System: Win2000, SFW VVR latest versions and SP's The system will not replicate after the weekend. I did the replication on Monday on LAN no trouble, then on WAN 2MBPS link no trouble on Thursday and friday, today i come to office to see 62% of 9GB S...

Azam by Level 2
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Veritas Volume Replicator Editions

Hi, Can somebody provide me the exact differences of Veritas Volume Replicator "Standard Edition" and "Enterprise Edition" ? I could not find any documents giving the differences. Thanks Kanchana

Kanchana by Level 2
Partner Accredited
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Replication File System become RAW.

Hi all, I was just wondering does anyone of you here have the experience that the file system of the secondary replication volume (Secondary RVG) turned RAW after the replication have commenced? I am using the backup and restore method to do the init...

mgf8 by Level 3
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SFW 5.0 VVR issues with setting up

Hello I need a bit of help here, I bought SFW, SF Volume Replicator recently. To test my config, i just want to replicate a folder to another server in VM environment. can anyone guide me how i can do it? I have installed SFW with VR option do i need...

Azam by Level 2
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VVR Rlink always disconnected "V-5-0-50"

Hello, I am experiencing persistent disconnection of the Rlink of the Primary server. I consulted the network engineers and they said there were no problem on the network. Below are the output on the logs. Sep 10 00:00:26 bir-ebrd-msg vxio: [ID 93691...

How to configure VVR Web GUI on Solairs 10 (SF 5.0)

Hi, Does anybody know how to configure Web GUI for VVR? During the installation of SFRAC I have licenced VVR. Thats why in hagui ClusterService service hase been created. This service contain the follwoing resources:IP, NIC and VRTSWebApp. But VRTWeb...

Nagard by Level 3
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What products to choose

I'm little bit confused to select which soultion is ideal. I've 2 servers. One is windows 2000 having Oracle database and another is Linux running Qmail. I've 2 seperate machines in a remote location and required to replicate the data to the remote s...

Another performance related question

We am testing replicated cluster (two-node) using volume replicator and vcs with a custom application that processes transactions coming from different channels (it's more like a transaction switch for banks). The replication is set up as synchronous...

SRL Disk Performance

I'm trying to find some information on how to determine what disks to put your SRL on.  I've found a lot of information on what size to estimate but not what disks to put it on except that it should be fast RAID 1/0.  We are using async mode and sinc...