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resync_paused and cannot resync, replay dcm

Level 3

Need some help on resync - replaying dcm.
On our vvr pair, the primary is already in dcm logging since there was an extended network outage. However, after the network issues have been resolved, the primary cannot resync with the secondary.

Rvg: vol1_rvg
info: rid=0.1195 version=6 rvg_version=20 last_tag=1
state: state=ACTIVE kernel=ENABLED
assoc: datavols=vol1 srl=vol1_srl rlinks=vol1Pri2Sec
att: rlinks=vol1Pri2Sec
flags: closed primary enabled attached dcm_logging resync_paused

Rlink: vol1Pri2Sec
info: timeout=500 rid=0.1274 latency_high_mark=10000 latency_low_mark=9950 bandwidth_limit=none
state: state=ACTIVE synchronous=off latencyprot=off srlprot=autodcm
assoc: rvg=vol1_rvg remote_host= IP_addr= port=4145
remote_dg=db2_dg remote_dg_dgid=1130530408.209.hariscn
remote_rlink_rid=0.1895 local_host= IP_addr= port=4145
protocol: TCP/IP
flags: write enabled attached consistent connected asynchronous dcm_logging resync_paused

Have attempted to resync using "vxrvg resync" and "vradmin resync" but was unable to resync and replay the dcm. The dcm is not draining....


Level 6
Accredited Certified
cant_resync means there isn't enough data in the SRL to resync the secondary in a consistent manner.

resync_paused could be because it cannot reach the secondary. A good test is always "vradmin -l printrvg".

I have had situations like this and find that if I deport the secondary DG and then reimport, vxrecover -s, that it will often start.

Also if the remote was primary and still has mount points up, it will not resync.