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O365 Connector makes no backup of SharePoint Libaries

Last week I configured two Saas Backup Connectors. Both connectors are configured with a seperate backup user with admin credentielas within O365.

One connector is for O365 mailboxes for 3 users and this connector works fine. I've selected Mail, Contact, etc. but no sites for these users. The result is super. I've retention on the mailboxes and con download these from each individual user.

I've problems with the site and libary backup. For this I've configured a second connector with only the sites and groups (no mail, contacts, etc.). First I've had selected no user and this resulted in no backup at all. The second time I've selected a admin user. This resulted in a 200Kb backup of a kind of sitemap (Groups and sites) but no Libary data. The libary data must be arount 15Gb's in total. The backup user I've used is admin within o365 and I've put this user in the SharePoint Admnin group.

Can someone help me with this problem?


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Re: O365 Connector makes no backup of SharePoint Libaries


Same thing is happening to me. Did you solve it?