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SaaS Backup

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I have some questions regarding SaaS backup for Office 365 that i didn't find in the documentations

  1. The backup is done up to six times per day:
    • depending on what?
    • what triggers the backup?
    • can it be performed manually?
  2. When "Automatically add all new accounts to the backup" is checked, how are the new accounts detected and are they backed up automatically or do we have to wait till the next scheduled backup.
  3. Is it correct that "point in time restore" means that we can go back to any version of a given backed up file? 

Thank you


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I have moved your post to the new SaaS Backup forum.

Please see if this FAQ post answers your questions?


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Hey samerb,

Veritas will run a backup every 3-4 hours daily and guarentees at least one full tenant backup per day. The backup is only technically 'triggerd' if a new connector is added, otherwise it goes with the 3/4 hours if it is an existing connector. As a result, the backup cannot be performed manually unless it is the first time you are adding a connector.

Regarding the "Automatically add new accounts..." SaaS Backup will periodically check with Microsoft to see if any new acccounts were added to o365. If a new account is detected, the new user is immediately included in the next backup.

You are correct on the last point, point in time restore will allow you to select a specific-date version of your file.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!