Cannot remove disabled paths while the path is part of a disk which has been imported


we wanted to change the paths of the vxdmp disks without reboot and outage to the existing vxfs filesystems on Solaris 10


Not possible.


as long as the path is in a disk which is imported,

 cfgadm -al -o show_SCSI_LUN|grep failing 

shows the disks as failing not unusable

even though the disk is offline in format and "vxdisk path" shows the path as disabled.

What I think about this

why can't there be a command to allow us to remove the path completely in vxdmp? the issue would have been easily resolved. I can't see why this function is not provided. 


You should rather post this as Forum Discussion and not as a Blog....

i have thought about whether it should be a discussion, but since i have verified that this is indeed not possible. it is really a finding not a discussion. i thought blog is a better place to be.

Hi @IdaWong,

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