Confusion-Free Licensing for your SDS Needs


When Veritas Technologies, the benchmark in Software Defined Storage solutions, updated the Storage Foundation Suite to the InfoScale Family, we adjusted our licensing options to simplify purchasing and deployment without sacrificing flexibility, selection options, and most importantly meeting your company’s compliance policies.

Licensing storage and availability solutions doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  When it comes to InfoScale licensing we are now offering an easy to remember 2 X 2 option.

Two licensing meters and two model types.

For the licensing meters, you can choose to go with per-core licensing, typically considered the industry standard, where you pay based on the number of cores in your machines.  It’s really as simple as it sounds.

The other option is to purchase server- tier licenses which make it easier to manage bulk purchases, and streamlines the deployment process by classifying servers into specific Tiers (Tiers A – N).  Tiering is determined based on server and processor capabilities (ie: computing power, performance, clockspeed, capacity, etc.)

For the licensing models, you can purchase perpetual licenses allowing you to use the licensed solution indefinitely.  In parallel, you can purchase suitable maintenance options for industry leading support throughout the product’s lifecycle.

You can also opt for the subscription model which comes included with maintenance and offers different monthly terms.

InfoScale Licensing Options.png

A core is a core is a core

Per-Core licensing has been in high demand for quite some time and we are happy to offer it for the InfoScale family without any complications and with an easy to track setup. 

When licensing InfoScale, a core is a core is a core, and the best part about our model is that it eliminates the need to factor in hyper-threading.  This allows you to do more with your hardware without having to pay extra for it.  You pay for the actual cores in you machines and not for any additional threads.

Virtual environments

Virtual Servers are also not left out in our licensing options.  One way Veritas gives you more for less is by comparing the number of virtual cores assigned to VM’s and the total number of physical cores available to the VM’s, and licensing the lower number of cores between the two.

Are you deploying in a public cloud environment like Amazon Web Services (AWS)?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Veritas uses a very competitive 2:1 Core Ratio where 8 AWS vCPU’s are equal to 4 InfoScale cores.

License management and support

No matter how big your environment is, you can manage all your InfoScale licenses by using Veritas InfoScale Operation Manager (VIOM), included free with your purchase of any InfoScale Product.

You should first visit our Services and Operations Readiness Tool (SORT) website where you can find our InfoScale Entitlement Calculator. This tool will assist you in upgrading from an earlier version, or help calculate what server tier licenses you’ll need based on your environment.

If you are still using our Storage Foundation solutions, we haven’t forgotten about you and our team is ready to guide you when it comes to SPVU (System Performance Value Unit) entitlements and answer any questions you may have.

You can talk with your account manager or Veritas Customer Care if you’re interested in learning about InfoScale licensing and, whenever needed, the product team is more than happy to engage in more in depth conversations.

Getting involved

Finally, we want to hear from you.  Veritas is proud to be one of the few technology companies offering a truly immersive Customer and Partner Engagement Program where you can not only take part in product development feedback sessions, but can also participate in interactions and surveys focused on our different licensing options.  This is a great opportunity to work directly with our product teams.

Veritas InfoScale is the leading solution which defines Software Defined.  We’ve simplified the way you manage your most critical data, and now, we’ve simplified the way you purchase our products, with confusion-free licensing that always keeps you in compliance while giving you flexible options and competitive models.

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