Improving IT Efficiency: How Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack Helps

My previous post related to how Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack not only delivers predictable performance to workloads but also provides multiple levels of workload resiliency and capabilities such as live migration and versioning. Perhaps you watched the video that I had shared.

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Of course, when one takes a business perspective, it is all about workloads and about the underlying economics.  This OpenStack report is an excellent overview of OpenStack and its benefits.  The report outlines various uses cases and provides guidance for adopting OpenStack.  It cites how enterprises such as PayPal derive benefits such as efficiency from their OpenStack-based clouds and suggests a link between developer productivity, operational efficiency and time to market. 

HyperScale for OpenStack contributes to IT operational efficiency through Horizon-integrated storage provisioning and management, rapid VM provisioning and support for Nova APIs for programmatic access.  Here is a short video on the topic and a link to the next post.

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