Machine learning for proactive support: Veritas Predictive Insights can do that

Veritas Predictive Insights is a SaaS platform employing machine learning algorithms to provide proactive resiliency support to Veritas appliance customers. Bolstered by hundreds of millions of telemetry data points, Predictive Insights is able to deliver compelling, data-driven IT guidance – including intelligent forecasting on planned and unplanned maintenance, and optimization and utilization direction – so customers experience improved ROI on Veritas appliances.

And the self-learning processes of Veritas Predictive Insights machine learning algorithms constantly advance the platform’s accuracy in identifying patterns and predicting trends.

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The term “artificial intelligence” has been so diluted it has no meaning. If you put in tens of thousands of coder hours you can get a computer to learn a very narrowly-defined subject. That “intelligence”
cannot be applied to anything else without additional human input.