Make your unstructured data come alive

The need for more efficient and cost-effective data storage has never been more pressing—data growth and data storage costs continue to grow exponentially. According to the Veritas 2017 Data Genomics Survey[1]—which analyzed more than 31 billion anonymized files globally—enterprise data repositories are growing by nearly 50 percent annually, largely driven by the proliferation of new apps and emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). If data continues to grow at this rate (and the report predicts that it will), and more efficient ways to store and manage data are not found, organizations worldwide will be facing an insurmountable problem—how to handle more information than they have budgets to support.

Public storage clouds give an insight into how low-cost online storage can be achieved, however data availability and location requirements often force IT architects to complex public cloud solutions with much higher costs than initially anticipated. A “private storage cloud” model becomes an appealing implementation, delivering cloud economics with on-premises security and leveraging local networking bandwidth—plus the priceless ability of full-time data access supporting multifaceted analytics applications.

Introducing Veritas Cloud Storage

Building on the Veritas 360 Data Management platform, Veritas introduces Veritas Cloud Storage, a software-defined, on-premises object storage solution that brings your data to life. The innovative Integrated Cognitive Engine (ICE) and Dynamic Metadata Management provides support for deep inspection and classification of data to orchestrate, process, search and take Action-on-Ingest TM.  ICE simplifies analytics, modern apps and management at any scale, while automatically aligning an organization’s data to the right place, at the right time, with the right economics.

Veritas Cloud Storage delivers a variety of benefits:

  • Massive scalability: Organizations can scale to petabytes and handle a quintillion number of objects.
  • Intelligent data management: Enterprises can make data come alive by applying analytics, machine learning and classification technologies, offering a new level of intelligence and management to large quantities of unstructured stored data.
  • Better business outcomes and customer experiences: Enterprises can use data intelligence to fuel their business, deliver highly informed recommendations to customers, and help ensure compliance. For example, with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force by May 2018, enterprises can deploy Veritas Cloud Storage to quickly scan their organization’s stored data and ensure that sensitive information is properly tagged, managed and protected.
  • Dynamic metadata for deep search analytics: Automatically correlated tags from multiple data sources allows for deep analytics to set context for applications and go beyond basic search functionality.
  • Exceptional access to global data: This solution can be geo-distributed with rich storage policies and features that provide global organizations access to the same data regardless of sites’ location.


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Learn more about how Veritas 360 Data Management and Veritas Cloud Storage  help organizations to gain control of unstructured data when building cost-effective private cloud architectures.