Tackling exabytes and zettabytes: Make your storage smarter

We’ve all heard about the growth in data—the explosions and tsunamis—the exabytes and zettabytes and yottabytes (oh my!).  While this staggering rate and volume of data growth is impressive, what does it really mean?

First, it obviously means we have to increase the efficiency in the way we ingest, manage and store all of it.  (After all, IT budgets aren’t experiencing quite the same explosion as data volumes are!)  Secondly, and perhaps of most import, is the need to make use of the data; ferret out the important information that’s contained within those zettabytes.  That important information has the potential to transform everything in our daily lives—from the way we conduct business to the way we view the world.  Transformations like:

  • Artificial Intelligence to Automated Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality to Collaborative Augmented Reality
  • Machine Learning to Machine Reasoning
  • Analytics to the Appreciation of Information Capital

So handling the explosion of data really comes down to: how can we ingest, take action on, and store massive amounts of data in a scalable, efficient way in order to gain insights that increase our information capital? And that requires a transformation of its own—an IT transformation. The IT transformation requires managing the transition from a legacy infrastructure to a modern, agile, cloud-like infrastructure.

Enter Software-Defined Storage. Veritas’ “Information First” Software-Defined Storage approach allows the use of commodity hardware of choice—enabling the leveraging of investments in legacy infrastructure while simultaneously incorporating new and innovative technologies that increase data capitalization.

If you’re facing the onslaught of exabytes, zettabytes and yottabytes, and are in need of guidance on how to tackle them (on a non-exploding budget!), join us for the Veritas SDS Digital Event “Turbo charge your data center with SDS.” 


sds_webcast2018_linkedin_1200x627.jpgHosted by Veritas Chief Marketing Officer Lynn Lucas, this online webcast will feature senior executive experts Amita Potnis, Research Manager, IDC, Abhijit Dey, Vice President, Storage and Digital Compliance Engineering for Veritas, and Jyothi Swaroop, Vice President, Product and Solutions Marketing, Veritas.  Topics will include

  • The data explosion—how big is it really? Get IDC’s outlook on how soon these zettabytes and yottabytes are going to require you to do something!
  • How does the explosion impact your IT infrastructure? What’s going to give-way first?
  • What is SDS (as defined by IDC)? What are its advantages and how can I leverage it?
  • A review of innovative technology approaches that address storage challenges like portability, agility and regulatory compliance

Be sure to register now for this event taking place on December 5, and learn more about tackling those zettabytes and yottabytes!