The Veritas OpenStack Summit Sydney sweepstakes



Google Home teaser image.jpg

To participate in the Veritas OpenStack Summit Sydney sweepstakes, log-in to the VOX community using your My Veritas and/or VOX username and password, and click the 'Kudos' button at the bottom of this post. Upon doing so, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a Google Home device as seen on-site at this year's OpenStack Summit in Sydney, Australia.

If you do not yet have a VOX account, simply create one by clicking the avatar in the upper-right corner of the VOX community – you'll be prompted to craft a VOX profile.

The winners will be selected by the close of this year's event, with instructions for prize pick-up provided immediately following the drawing. 

Please note, the winner must pick-up the Google Home device by the close of the OpenStack Summit, before 5:50 PM on November 8th. Download and review the complete set of rules for the Veritas OpenStack Summit Sydney sweepstakes below.