The time is now to begin or expand on your container strategy

Today, Veritas enters the container storage ecosystem with the announcement of a new open source software solution that allows customers to package applications in “containers” for portability as well as gain predictable and consistent performance, through policies. 170602_Hyperscale_w_Containers.jpg

Veritas HyperScale for Containers was designed with a micro-services architecture and is deployed as a series of Docker container images—exactly the model in which developers and DevOps expect to adopt this new technology.  

Containers offer a mix of attractive benefits, including reliable isolation, smaller footprints with lower resource demands and faster startup. This makes containers ideal for computing situations that require fast iteration, high portability and high scalability – with high efficiency.

Customers looking to leverage containers for their application infrastructure have identified a lack of "enterprise-class" storage capabilities and services. This is where HyperScale for Containers offers advantages, using a revolutionary dual-plane architecture to deliver improved integration for backup and disaster recovery, enhanced security and increased scalability for application developers. The solution also allows for improved data protection and resiliency that will not impact application operations. 

There are more and more legacy applications--such as Oracle databases and application delivery controllers that are being containerized in support of greater efficiencies and portability, and subsequently placed in the Docker Store.  Many of these legacy applications require storage persistence to prevent data loss and would benefit from guaranteed quality-of-service that HyperScale for Containers offers, to ensure performance targets are met. 

The time is now to begin or expand on your container strategy, implement a DevOps culture, and employ a micro-services development methodology.  Any or all of these initiatives can benefit from HyperScale for Containers  as they all require advanced storage services before you are able to move applications into a production environment. 

From ContainerWorld to DockerCon along with multiple customer discussions, there has been tremendous interest and excitement around the HyperScale for Containers solution.  I look forward to more discussions at devopsdays Minneapolis, where Veritas will be a silver sponsor.

Consider the exponential growth in container adoption and the accelerating trend towards continuous integration and continuous deployment, with expectations to become a $2.7 billion market by 2020, according to 451 Research. At DockerCon, it was reported that Docker image pulls exceeded 11 billion in 2017. That equates to approximately 11 billion application downloads.

Today, the market is expanding and demanding products that go beyond traditional storage capabilities to include backup and advanced services as part of a more complete 360 Data Management platform.

Stay tuned for additional announcements from Veritas in the area of containers and how we can help customers solve data management challenges that fully realize all of the benefits that containers have to offer.

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Chad Thibodeau


Principal Product Manager, Veritas Technologies

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